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Commercial Complex Lighting Project - The Use Of Light To Show The Miniature Version Of The Urban Form


The style of yunfeng international architecture is simple and modern, and the design adopts cutting-edge twin towers, with an atmosphere appearance, refined lines, full glass curtain wall, unlimited lighting, integrating the style of central plains culture and the bearing of modern landmarks.

Hengye leading design team combined with the overall architectural characteristics and the business "benefit all families" corporate culture, "spring water" as the theme of the lighting design, meaning the silent moistening, selfless dedication, do not think of return enterprise spirit;With the design concept of "smart, colorful, fashionable and energetic", the company aims to create an epitome of urban fashion life and highlight the commercial charm of yunfeng international.

The building glass curtain at the top of the tower adopts the lighting method combining inner light and point light, highlighting the skyline and building height, making the building stand out from the thousands of buildings and become the name card of night in the vast sky of luoyang.

The facade of the tower uses light strips to outline the unique outline symbol of the building, highlighting the height and straightness of the tower, giving people a sense of momentum of towering into the clouds;Lighting accentuates the longitudinal and layered feel of the building's facade, as if a fountain of fresh water poured from sky.

Business facade mainly combined in large area at the bottom of the perforated aluminum panels, Hengye lighting made each piece of aluminum plate to bear different lighting effects, to create yunfeng international square fashion, pleasant business atmosphere, building construction nighttime pedestrian street style,which let the lights of the dynamic resonance to attract passers-by stop to enjoy, and resulting consumption desire.Successful commercial buildings are inseparable from perfect lighting design, not only highlight the aesthetic value and commercial value of urban commercial complex, but also display the cultural deposits of the project.

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