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Longxi Hot Spring Resort Hotel Building Lighting Project


Nowadays, building lighting is not only a simple decoration as lighting tool, but also a kind of symbol more importantly.Lighting itself has become a kind of recessive advertisement, which has driven the development of night economy.Longxi hot spring resort hotel is located in daxing district, south suburb of Beijing. The project of building lighting mainly consists of red wine workshop, hudong business, corridor and tower.

The brightening of the building carrier is a Mediterranean style, and the overall day effect is clear and beautiful. The sleek stone wall, the elegant arched porch, and the exquisite and intricate details of the decoration all attract people's attention.

We hengye lighting design team, carefully studied the structure of the building and its aesthetic modeling, successfully learned from the Mediterranean coastal city night lighting by the unique scenery, to show the lighting structure aesthetic expression completely.

As the night falls, we slowly listen to it under this starry sky with a Mediterranean atmosphere, savoring it carefully, enjoying it... and this beautiful thing we use light to write!

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