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Yiling Pharmaceutical Building Lighting Project


Yiling Pharmaceutical Industry Building Lighting Project is located in Shijiazhuang High-tech Development Zone, Hebei Province. Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise. It is a national innovation enterprise and a top 50 listed company in China. It was founded by Academician Wu Yiling of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Hengye was fortunate to be the design and construction of the overall lighting project. The main scope of the design of this lighting project is the lighting of the building and the lighting of the greening garden. According to the characteristics of the simple European style of the building, the lighting design of the building is mainly expressed by warm light, which fully demonstrates the magnificent atmosphere of the building and the exquisite and luxurious appearance. The garden part lighting design is intended to create a harmonious, chic European courtyard style. Integrate light, mountain, greenery and water.

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