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Sanggan river, the habitat of ancient human, the origin of the three ancestral culture, flowing five thousand years of Chinese civilization.Ding ling's "land reform epic" "the sun shines on the sanggan river" made her even more famous and became the spiritual home for the Chinese people at home and abroad.Every tree and every grass,every sand and every stone make this river passesd by worthy of our worship.

As sanggan river landscape with night planning, Hengye lighting with a pious heart traced this hot land..


River landscape lighting has been laid the tone of the whole scroll, flowing color winding in the long river, which made the life of five thousand years vividly as if she is quietly flowing with jumping light, life has gone through indomitable vicissitudes.The two water-loving squares in the riverside area, one focuses on the expression of humanity as the main square and the other on the display of ecology,which is the perfect interpretation of the design concept.


The designer use "culture" and "elegance" as the position to show the atmosphere of academy and culture in the night environment of architecture. The harmony of yellow and white light colors indicates that the inheritance of culture is the sacred mission of education.

The bridge is the art of solid state at night, and it is also a symbol of local cultural symbols and development level. This lighting plan involves “two bridges and four dams”. The designer uses the light to reflect its span on the water surface and shows the grandeur.

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