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Huailai, located at the junction of Beijing, Hebei,Shanxi and inner Mongolia, is the gateway to Beijing and Zhangjiakou. Under the urging of the Winter Olympics in 2022, the public facilities in Zhangjiakou and its surrounding cities are in full swing. As the first stop of Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Huailai, the high-speed landscape lighting promotion work is carried out under the principle of high standards and strict requirements. Hengye Lighting has undertaken the mountainous landscape on the north side of the Beijing-Tibet Expressway and the section from Shangyujiao Village in the south. It is necessary to dig deep into the cultural and scientific planning, and strive to use the new ecological and high-art design methods to create outstanding characteristics and meet the winter. Olympics theme and the iconic night view of the great country. This section of the mountain is majestic and undulating, giving a sense of vastness. The design team of Hengye Lighting used the blue hills here as the blueprint, with the light as the brush, and the artistic pursuit of “not taking the color, but taking the soul”, carefully drawing it and making it a very vivid Cold moon snow scene. In the night, along the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, boundless silver snow should be leap to the eye with  not only light and shadow,but also far and near. It’s like “the car is on the side of the snow peak, and the people are in the middle of the painting.

"Respect for nature and protection of ecology" has been one of the concepts throughout the construction process.The continuous peaks, outlined by silver and white points of light, not only embody the elegance and massiness pursued by Chinese culture, but also embody the spiritual realm of "unity of human and nature" of Chinese culture.With the arrival of the winter Olympic Games, we welcome the guests from home and abroad. Hengye Lighting, using the light line to replace the brush, swaying the starlight of art to help the Olympics!

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