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1600 years ago, Liu Yu, the royal family of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, visited the former residence of Mencius, felt the light of the Yasheng thought, and left the poem with the sage of Mencius's mother.  "Mencius's mother teaches children" is the most vital and influential chapter in the Chinese matriarchal culture. After more than two thousand years, it has become a profound cultural tradition, which maintains the blood of Chinese people from generation to generation.

In Taigu, Shanxi, and the hometown of Mencius's mother, this cultural memory is awakened by the lights and glows differently!

Mencius's mother Cultural Park is a carrier for inheriting and carrying forward the culture of the mother-in-law. Chinese-style architecture condenses the oriental culture, and tradition and modernity coexist in this place.


The top of the pedestal is surrounded by warm white light, contrasting with the warm yellow stone carvings around it. The light and the wind are as bright and harmonious as the moon. The story of "Mencius' Mother Moved Three Times" and "Don't teach the son" is passed down in the light color, passing through more than two thousand years. Time, full of vitality.


Chinese-style buildings like to preserve some of the images that imply beautiful or classic heritage, so there are often some stone carvings or wood carvings on the building. The five colors use hidden lights and natural light to make these art forms exude a smart beauty at night.

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