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Yanmenguan has been a battleground for the military from ancient times. The wars that took place here are more than 2,000 times according to incomplete statistics. Today’s Yanmenguan is more like a historical monument. It not only preserves the memory of the ancient battlefield, but also uses it. The lights have vividly restored the former Jin Ge Iron Horse, so that visitors can feel the smoldering fire in addition to the mountains and rivers, and don't forget the tranquility and peace of the patriotic soldiers and Yanmen Xiongguan! This is the original intention of the five-color leading lighting design Yanmen night scene!


This is not a movie,

This is the history that allows us to move forward;

This is not an image of nothingness.

This is the tragic and embarrassing hero of the heroes who wrote with the lights of Hengye Lighting.

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