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The “Five Halls and Three Courtyards” lighting project of Hequ County is located at the west end of Changcheng Street, Xinbeiyuan Village, Wenbi Town, Suibin Park. It is east of the Yellow River and covers an area of 177,473 square meters. It is a key cultural construction project of Hequ.

The scope of the “Five Halls and Three Courtyards” includes: the lighting of multi-functional theaters, the lighting of the comprehensive halls (libraries, museums, urban planning exhibition halls, archives) and the floodlighting of the facades of the buildings.

In this lighting project,Hengye design team adopts"Double phoenix against effulgence" as the theme of lighting. The pavilion overlooks the perfect circle, symbolizing the sun; the double phoenix stands tall and straight, and the overall shape of the composition of the banquet pavilion is stable and elegant, and the double phoenix dances harmoniously.

The design of this lighting project mainly uses high-tech lighting to reflect the grandeur of the building, with the warm color as the main color, and the high color temperature white to reflect the three-dimensional layering of the building, Installing beam light on the bottom platform makes the building shine like a pearl with radiate brillant light,which can make people have a deep impression.

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