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Road lighting refers to the lighting provided for roads and their ancillary facilities. It is used to improve the safety of night vehicle driving and pedestrian walking to prevent traffic accidents. Reasonable settings can improve traffic conditions, reduce driving fatigue, improve road capacity, and effectively reduce traffic accidents.

Its quality depends on:

(1) The brightness of road lighting. There is enough strength to ensure that the driver and pedestrians of the vehicle can see the obstacles on the road, pedestrians, vehicles and the situation around the road.

(2) Uniformity of road lighting. Distribution should be roughly uniform.

(3) Degree of glare interference. The harmful effects of glare on drivers and pedestrians can be effectively controlled.

(4) Guidance of lighting. It is particularly important for a road with many curves and intersections to set appropriate Settings according to the road conditions so that drivers and pedestrians can effectively obtain the direction, inclination and other information of the road ahead.Reasonable application of lamps can prevent glare.

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