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Advantage of Lithium Battery Solar Street Light

Advantage of Lithium Battery Solar Street Light:  
    Simple design, portable, practical.
    Powered by solar, saving energy and environmental friendly, its installation is not subject to city grid.
    Large capacity lithium battery, lifespan about 5-8 years, twice lifespan of the traditional gel battery, lowering the battery maintenance rate of solar street lights.
    High efficiency of usage during the lithium cycle, avoiding the low efficiency of traditional gel battery after discharge which leads to lack of energy.
    Integrated lithium battery and controller, no complex assembly work, less wiring connection mistake, making the solar street lights installation easy and simple.
    No additional wiring is needed, avoiding the mistake of wrong calculation in wiring length and wiring configuration.
    Lithium battery installed on pole near the lamp, closer distance and less energy lose, ensuring high efficiency of power supply. What’s more, the hanging battery increases the difficulty for vandalism and theft than buried battery underground.
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