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Comparison of the performance of solar led street lights

Including visual sensors, when the visibility of the points, will be active open lighting, and the storage capabilities are very strong, and even the rainy weather will not affect the solar led street lighting. The choice of solar led street light is a solar lighting technology that will be active in the daytime to absorb solar energy into electrical energy stored in the battery, until the night falls to prove the power supply to the led light source. It is the most convenient solar led street light that does not require cable laying in advance, and the integrated planning is very short.
However, due to the widespread application of solar led street lights in the future, today's second-tier cities use solar led street lighting, which is not only used for urban primary and secondary roads, but also for many medium and high-end residential areas.
There may be many people who don't understand the advantages of solar led street lights, or they may only know that they are literally a solar street light. It can replace traditional electric lights. The main body can still save capital and the equipment continues to be used for a long time. If a city is covered by solar led street lights, it can save electricity every year and fully capable funds are used to build other cities.
Many people in life know that solar led street lights are not much, but our city has undergone tremendous changes in survival due to solar led street lights. I want to know that before the lights, many cities chose not to be very safe in some towns and villages, so the dim lights look the opposite, and often the form of power outages, the city is dark, and it will affect peace.

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