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Congratulations for Launching 48v lighting products

48v lighting.jpg

As soon as Hengye launched a new 48v lighting products, A firm market immediately had been set up with customer's favor, the first wall lamp order has begun in mass production.Hengye's 48v lighting products adopted military quality communication power, not only quality better than 24v products, but also the cost is slightly lower than 24v products.Compared with the 24v product, it should be save one third of the wire material cost and one third of the construction cost, and the installation is convenient and simple!After installation research, the whole project can save more than a quarter of the cost!

Hengye with professional technology, strong productivity, perfect after-sales service provide the most perfect system solutions to each customer and each project!
If you look for light ,please choose hengye, Hebei Hengye Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd will illuminate your happy and bright life every day!!!

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