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How to determine the height of the solar street light pole?

First, if the road is 20 meters wide, you need to consider it as the main road, so you need to use double-sided cloth. Also, road lighting requirements mainly include illuminance requirements and lighting uniformity, but the uniformity is generally over 0.3, and the uniformity is high, so the light of the solar street light is more open and the lighting effect Will improve.
Therefore, it can be assumed that the height of the pillar is 12-14 meters, because the height of the double row of symmetrical lamps, the street light pillar height is at least half the width of the road. Assuming that pillars are used, the street lamp installation distance is typically pillars. Since the height is about 3 times, the distance is at least 40 meters. Let's assume that the solar street light is 40 meters long and the lamppost is 14 meters high. In this case, the power of the solar street light basically needs to exceed 200 W to meet the main road lighting. request.
Second, illuminance and power are related to the installation height of the equipment. With solar street lights, we hope the lighting angle will be as large as possible, the uniformity will be good, the distance between poles will be longer, the number of poles will be reduced, and the cost will be saved.
Finally, how is the lighting calculated if the solar streetlight distance is 40 meters, the streetlight pillar height is 14 meters, the power is 200 W, and double-sided lighting is used? Therefore, 200W street light should be tested first. Different manufacturers' street lights use different LEDs, different light distribution lenses, and different total luminous fluxes with the same high power, leading to the road surface. Lighting is different.

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