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How to judge whether the solar street lamp manufacturers are formal?

 Solar street lamps are widely used because of energy conservation and environmental protection. Therefore, there are many solar street lamp manufacturers in the market. So, how to judge whether solar street lamp manufacturers are formal?
1. The most basic three certificates (business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate) are complete;
2, look at the registered capital, the general formal manufacturers registered capital will not be too small, in the street lighting production profession, the registered capital is at least 10 million or more, because the production of a complete set of production processes, plant, equipment is not a small investment . Therefore, 10 million can be said to be the threshold of solar street lamp manufacturers. Some small manufacturers with registered capital of hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions can be said to be small workshops. Skill strength, production capacity, and after-sales service cannot be compared with regular manufacturers;
3. Look at the product certification status. As a public utility product, solar street lamps are essential for the stability and safety of their quality. Relevant product certification is indispensable. The quality of regular manufacturers is relatively reliable, and they can obtain prestige certification at home and abroad.
4. Field inspection. Regular solar street lamp manufacturers will generally clearly and accurately mark the company's address, and some less formal manufacturers will be vague about the address, and dare not clear the company address;
5. Look at the customer's response and after-sales service policy. Regular solar street lamp manufacturers have strong technical strength, excellent product quality and perfect service system. Therefore, customer recognition and satisfaction are good, while small manufacturers have various problems and customer satisfaction is poor.

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