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LED High Mast Light for karting


LED High Mast Light Application:

High mast light provides high illumination for many outdoor areas such as airport, seaport, Karting track,stadium etc. Led high mast lights are the best high mast luminaire because of its low high mast light cost, high light lumens, convenient for adjust and durability.
Lighting standard:
High mast lighting system should have the best high mast lighting design calculation. According to the Guide of High Mast Lighting, the mounting height of the luminaries is usually at least 30m. Generally speaking, it need about 300 to 500 lux for entertainment sports field, and 50 to 200 lux for airport , seaport and outdoor industrial areas.
The best high mast pole design and high mast lighting system should take the uniformity into consideration. It is the ratio between Emin/Emax. The highest uniformity is 1. However, we seldom meet this dates because of inevitable light scattering and different angle of the luminaries. Lighting uniformity of 0.7 is high because this is also for professional standard.
Why do we need to high uniform illumination? It is because the uneven bright would cause eye fatigue, and it might be dangerous with the lower bright. We high mast lighting manufacturer provide you with free high mast tower design to make sure the best high mast lighting system for you.

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