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Led garden lighting for sale

Led garden lighting products that shaped with a decade of experience on outdoor lighting and see our traditional models which is a reflection of rich eastern culture on art. We carry the tradition to the future for our customers with our rich and large lighting pole portfolio. You may choose among various optionsi adjust color, dimensions and also materials such as aluminum pole and steel pole. Portable parts are also avaliable, so you can design your own garden lighting products.
Product Features:
1. 1500 cycle Li-ion battery,10 years spen life.
2. Support more than 10 rainy days lighting with the best technology ALS2.0.
3. Smart remote control function to satisfy different customer use.
4. UFO desigen with patent,360 degree lighting angel, 160lumen/W
5. Integrated design, no need electricity,cableless,easy to install.
6. Aluminum alloy case,waterproof IP 65
7. Turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn aotumatically
1. Solar charging, no need to pay electricity bills, saving cost.
2. With 90pcs Epistar Led's
3. IP44 waterproof, easy to deal with all kinds of weather
4. No flicker, good dancing flickering effects
5. Simple and elegant design, perfect for all kinds of outdoor scenes
6. Wireless, Easy installation, saving time
7. Long lifespan, energy-saving, environmentally friendly.
8. Suitable for use into garden, Yard, Walkway, Fence, Lawn, Sandbeach etc., use in our life
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