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[Light pole quality requirements] How to choose the right street light pole

As the green street lighting has become more and more appearing in our streets and lanes, how should we choose the solar poles for solar street lamps? The height and material of the poles are different for different environments.
First of all, the requirements for the height of the solar street light pole.
In general, we need to survey and measure different environments, and then select the light poles of different heights according to the brightness of the LED light source, and at the same time pay attention to practicality. For example, on the roadside, the installation location is close to the roadside, and the height has a great relationship with the road width. On provincial and national roads, solar street light poles must be higher than the most likely height, and the surrounding trees and buildings are not able to absorb sunlight. Therefore, the height setting cannot be arbitrary, but at the same time, it is not reasonable to be too high or too short. However, at the scenic spot, most of the scenic spots in the area now use solar garden lights. Generally, the height of the light poles in the scenic spot lights is relatively low. Because it is more suitable for planning and layout. The purpose of rational selection of the pole is to achieve the most efficient way of lighting, in order to play the role of solar street lights.
Second, the requirements for the material of solar street light poles.
For example, on the roadside, we all use steel structures, which have great requirements on the degree of solidity of the poles. However, it is generally only necessary to have a simple light pole in the scenic spot. After all, there will be no various crashes.
When we choose the solar street light pole, the requirement is to ensure safety. The setting of the height of the street light pole for each type of use is reasonable. Too high and too low will affect its efficiency. Part of such standards is a rigid requirement of the industry, and part of it is accumulated by various companies based on their years of production experience. Different heights are usually designed according to the width of the road so that the lighting effect can be maximized.

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