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Solar led garden lights five major purchase Raiders

On summer nights, the park is the place where people like to exercise, take a cool walk, and take a walk. At this time, it is the solar led garden light in the park that works. They not only illuminate the road for everyone, but also decorate the surrounding environment to create a warm atmosphere for people. Solar led garden lights have great similarities with solar street lights, but it has more advantages in modeling style. Qihang Electric has explained the five major shopping strategies for solar led garden lights to help everyone have more solar led garden lights. In-depth understanding.
1. Selection of lamp type: The lamp of solar led garden lamp should be selected with reasonable kind, and it is necessary to pay attention to the type of light distribution according to the function of the garden, as well as the size and shape. Need to be selected to match, the style is consistent, and can show a better decorative effect;
 2. Pay attention to the lighting effect of the luminaire: When selecting the solar led garden light, pay attention to the high efficiency of the luminaire. Under the condition of meeting the glare limitation requirements, for the lighting that only meets the visual function, the direct type light distribution luminaire should be used and opened. Open luminaires, most of the light sources now use LED light sources, high efficiency and long life;
3. Pay attention to the selection of easy maintenance: the daily maintenance of solar led garden lights is a relatively cumbersome thing, so we must pay attention to the kind of lamps that are easy to maintain, are not easy to run, and have lower operating costs. Maintenance, reduce labor costs, etc.;
 4. Pay attention to special places: some parks have a slightly special environment, such as damp or corrosive, so when selecting solar led garden lights, you should also pay attention to the actual situation and try to meet the requirements. Luminaires for special environments. When the high temperature parts such as the surface of the lamp and the accessories for the lamp are close to the combustible materials, fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation shall be adopted;
 5, pay attention to the appearance of the lamp, etc.: the appearance of the solar led garden light needs to be consistent with the environment of the courtyard, can not be the kind of incompatibility. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the difference between the garden lamp and the street lamp, especially in the height, the difference between the thickness and the aesthetics of the garden lamp material, the material of the street lamp is thicker and higher, and the appearance of the garden lamp is more beautiful.
In addition, the selection of solar panels and batteries for solar led garden lights can be referred to the considerations for the purchase of solar street lights. It can be seen that to choose a suitable garden light is not only optimistic about the price, but also comprehensive consideration. The above situation, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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