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What are the advantages of outdoor solar street lights?

In contrast, peace has no hidden dangers, energy-saving and cost-effective solar lighting, green environmental protection, cumbersome equipment, and the inherent characteristics of automatic control, such as the establishment of real estate sales to maintain free will, municipal engineering, obviously can be directly applied. Solar street lights are made up of the following places: solar cells, batteries, and controllers are dedicated to solar street lights, lights and street light poles. Other advantages of solar street lights, green and environmental protection, for the development of noble ecological communities and the introduction of new selling points; sustainable reduction of property management funds, reducing the public share of local costs.

Solar lamps are living far more than ordinary electric lamps, such as solar lamps, the main components of solar modules are 25 years old; low-pressure sodium lamps even have 18,000 hours of life; low-efficiency and even three-color energy-saving lamps have a life of 6000 hours, super bright LEDs The unified life of more than 50,000 hours, the special solar battery life is 38 ah below 2 to 5 years; 3 - 7 years 38 - 150 ah. According to the local price bureau in accordance with the traditional regional "country street lamp maintenance costs, a one-time charge according to the pure residential building area of 6 yuan / m2" rule, so that the ordinary high initial investment in solar lighting lamps, many initial investment. In short, the solar luminaires that combine the comparative view of thrift investment properties are quite obvious. Solar street lights are an automatic control system that works only when the system is set up to work. It is an ideal road lighting fixture, solar street light and people's life and social progress, it will be widely used, let the sun give the earth human night lighting.

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