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What are the characteristics of Solar LED street light?


Solar LED street light is the use of crystalline silicon solar panel as power source, maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed gel battery for power storage, ultra-bright LED lamps as a light source, controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controller. It is used to replace the traditional public power lighting street. High stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, economical and practical advantages, and so on, no need to lay the cable, no AC power supply.

Widely installed in the garden,residential area, courtyard, main area, parking area or provide the light in roads where it's necessary, the battery provide the energy for illumination, the solar panel charge for the battery.
The product is made up with integrated parts(solar panel,lithium battery ,LED, controller and PIR sensor) and the light pole. Working charactres, The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stored in lithium battrey via controller, the LED light will work in night automatically by light sensor control, and provide lighe for the darkness area, the human intelligence induction system can save the energy when the lighting is not necessary.

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