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What are the specific time limits for maintenance and maintenance of high pole lights?

The completion rate of the high pole light facilities should reach 90%. If it is found that the lamps maintained by the high pole lights are partially damaged or received within four hours after the lamps are repaired, the repair and replacement of the damaged lamps should be completed, except for the replacement of the lamps. General failures of lighting fixtures should be repaired within 24 hours; severe faults should be repaired within 3 working days, except for force majeure.
The cleaning of high pole lamps shall be carried out at least once a year. The functional inspection shall be carried out three months before the normal life of the high pole lamps. For trees that do not meet the safety distance standards, the urban road lighting management agencies and landscaping After the management department negotiates and repairs, it is necessary to ensure the normal lighting of the high pole lights.
High pole lamp maintenance and repair should strictly abide by the safety over-regulations. Safety Guardians must be set up at the job site. Maintenance and repair operations should reduce the interference and impact on traffic, try to avoid traffic peaks, and traffic should be diverted by special personnel.

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