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What is a High Mast Lighting Application?

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High Mast Lighting is a type of site light fixture that is commonly used to illuminate large areas from a very high mounting height for storage, transportation, and pedestrian use and safety.  High Mast Fixtures are typically mounted on poles 40ft to 150ft tall, with 4 to 16 fixtures mounted on each pole.  This type of outdoor lighting is often used by municipalities, ports, municipal authorities, and in parking lots of large venues such as stadiums and sports facilities.

High Mast lighting systems are typically illuminating freeway interchanges, round-a-bouts, ports and transportation terminals, outdoors storage yards and parking zones, sports halls and stadium lighting. The mounting heights range from 60 ft to 120 ft and above. The fixtures form a circular or square pattern to distribute the light evenly over a maximum radius or area.
LED high mast lighting systems are a great option to use when you need high mast applications, outdoor flood lighting, highway lighting, street lighting and the related.

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