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What is the difference between garden lights and landscape lights?

Decorative lamps of various shapes will add a lot to the courtyard, so people always like to install LED garden lights in the courtyard, which not only can play its lighting role, but also add a bit of charm to the courtyard. However, many people can't tell the difference between LED garden lights and landscape lights. Next, we will explain the difference between LED garden lights and landscape lights in detail.
The difference between Led garden lights and landscape lights
Landscape lights are also known as decorative lights. This kind of lamp is not only enjoyable but also has good lighting effects. The exterior styling and lighting effects of the landscape lights are unique, creating a different courtyard atmosphere according to your needs and blending in with the surrounding environment. Landscape lights use different shapes, brightness and light to create a different night view. Landscape lights are suitable for small parks, residential areas, tourist attractions and other scenic spots. LED garden lights are generally below 6 meters in height and are commonly used in courtyards. The main structure of the LED garden lamp is an electroluminescent semiconductor diode with long life and low luminous flux loss.
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