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What issues should I pay attention to when purchasing Led high bay lights?

Before the industrial and mining lamps, there were mainly metal halide lamps and fluorescent lamps. Now, LED industrial and mining lamps with excellent advantages such as energy saving, longevity and no delay are gradually replaced. But how do we choose led mining lamps?

  1. Firstly, according to the needs of the use environment, the process parameters of the LED high bay light should be determined: power, color temperature, index, luminous flux, power factor, etc. In special cases, explosion-proof functions should also be considered.

  2. Observe or detect the heat dissipation function of the mining lamp. The general illumination time of the LED mining lamp is relatively long. It must be noted that the temperature rise of the heat dissipation part of the mining lamp should not exceed 50 degrees, and the limit should not exceed 75 degrees, otherwise it will be seriously affected; Led mining lamp life,

  3. Look at the processing quality of led industrial and mining lamps, mainly to observe whether the assembly of led industrial and mining lamps is solid, and whether some parts are problematic.

  4, look at the appearance, check whether there is a bump, the chip has no faults.

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