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What should I pay attention to when purchasing Led garden lights?

Note on the purchase of Led garden lights:
◆ 1. Pay attention to the appearance of the lamps. Although the LED garden light mainly plays a role in lighting, the shape of the light fixture cannot be completely separated from the entire courtyard style, otherwise it will appear very uncoordinated. LED garden lights have the best lighting effect, which ensures the brightness of the entire courtyard. In addition, the shape of the high pole lights is suitable for all kinds of courtyards, and the landscape in the courtyard is also just right.
◆ 2, pay attention to the color rendering index of the lamps. LED garden lights are available in a variety of colors. The most common colors are red, blue, yellow, green, and white. White can be divided into warm white and cool white. Different colors of light create a different visual experience, and the purchaser can choose according to the style in the courtyard. Pay attention to the color rendering index of the LED when selecting the LED garden light. The higher the color rendering index under normal conditions, the more objects the corresponding LED garden lights will highlight.
 ◆ 3, pay attention to the beam angle of the lamp. LED garden lights have a variety of beam angles, mainly concentrated in 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 100 degrees. The smaller the angle of the led garden light, the better the concentrating effect, so I want to be in the courtyard. To create a spotlight effect, it is recommended to use a 15 degree or 30 degree LED garden light. If you want to play a role in lighting, you can choose a LED garden light with a larger beam angle, such as a 45 degree or 60 degree LED garden light.
◆ 4, pay attention to the brand and warranty period of the lamps. LED garden light belongs to a new kind of luminaire. When purchasing, you can't just look at its appearance. Also check whether the product meets the safety standards and avoid potential safety hazards during use. Therefore, you should choose a brand product with guaranteed quality. In addition, LED garden lights have a long service life, and the price is more expensive than traditional lamps. Therefore, we must pay attention to the warranty period of the products. Try to choose a brand with a long warranty period to avoid problems in the later use and unmanned maintenance. situation.
In today's lighting era, LED garden lights have received more and more attention from people, and they have high luminous efficiency, long life, and safety and energy saving. When purchasing LED garden lights, be sure to follow the above points to avoid falling into the trap of the business.
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