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In the actual use of these products, the high pole lamp basically needs to continuously improve the service life of the high pole lamp. In fact, how to improve the service life of the high pole lamp from the existing situation, the high pole lamp manufacturer will There are various ways to improve.
Main pole
When the high pole lamp manufacturer actually upgrades the instructions for using the high pole lamp product, it is also considered that if the height of the product exceeds 20 meters, then in this case, the entire product will be a steel plate with a thickness of 5.6 mm. The main materials, usually in the actual use of these products, you may consider the situation of the seams, the welding site must consider the level of solidity, to consider whether their welding place is in a solid state. After the overall welding of the high pole lamp is completed, it is necessary to stop the hot-dip galvanizing treatment on the inner and outer surface layers to ensure the main product of the whole product. The rust will not appear within 15 years, and the unqualified galvanizing will not occur. Workers also want to achieve this effect, basically there are still a series of effects, after all, the thickness of the steel wall is maintained above 5 mm, even if it is rusted, there will be no grooving in 10 years and 20 years.
Lamp head
When the high pole lamp manufacturer produces the product, the lamp head also plays a vital role, which will affect the actual service life of the entire high pole lamp. At present, when the product is actually used, the lamp cap is used. The role is crucial. In fact, the quality of such devices cannot be seen from the surface. The light source is also the main symbol of the whole set of lamp holders. Therefore, it must be considered clearly when actually using it.
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