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Road Lighting Pole

Road Lighting Pole

Suitable height:18M ~35M
Process:Using high-quality steel material, hot-dip galvanizing inside and outside after overall welding
Jacking system:Yes
Light pole style:Pyramidal
Service time:10 years
Applicable places:City square, station, dock, highway, stadium, overpass lights
Product Details

High mast light pole

1.Design standard: AASHTO standard, ISO standard etc. 2.Wind speed: more than 30 Meters/second 3.Anti-seismic design: more than level 7 4.Mast material: ASTM A572 GR65/Q345/Q235/GR50 5.Mast structure: 8/12/16/20 sided 6.Mast assembly: no welding on site 7.Anti-corrosion protection: hot dip galvanization and hot dip galvanization and powder coating

1. LED light source



2. The standard parameters


Pole height Lower caliber Upper caliber Weight Opening height Chassis size Foundation size Adaptive light source
30m6302803745kg600Φ1050*25mm3. 8m*3.8m*2.8m12-20(500-1000W)
25m5502502230kg600Φ 900*20mm3.5m*3.5m*2.5m10-16(250-400W)
20m4902401662kg600Φ 900*20mm3m*3m*2. 5m8-12(150-250W)
18m4802401477kg600Φ 750*20mm2m*2m*2.5m8-12(150-200W)
15m25595406kg500Φ 550*20mm1.5m*1.5m*2m6-8(100-200W)

3. High mast pole light manufacturing equipment

Hengye specializes in the purchase of large-scale automated production equipment for high mast lamps, street lamps and monitors, ensuring accurate size, cost reduction and quality assurance to meet different orders, quantity and manufacturing difficulty.



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