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Integrated Solar Street Light Integrated Solar Street Light Integrated Solar Street Light Integrated Solar Street Light

Integrated Solar Street Light

Light pole:High-quality steel, hot-dip galvanized, sprayed on the surface of the lamp body (color can be customized)
Power parameters:220V ± 10V / 50Hz-60Hz
Voltage:≤36V (inclusive)
Light cover material:Acrylic
Light body material:Aluminum
Light source type: LED
Power:16W (inclusive) -20W (inclusive)
Irradiation area:15㎡-30㎡
Lamp height:8~15 meters
Protection level:IP65
Warranty period:2 years
Product Details

   hengye has rich experiences in manufacturing the solar lights and LED product and its main products include solar garden lights, lawn lights, wall lights, street lights and integrated solar street lights. It has 800 sets of molds and more than 100 pieces of specialized manufacturing equipment.
The municipal street lamps produced by our company are also used in the Street Lighting Municipalities Project, in the construction project and in the construction project. The solar street lamps we produce are affordable and quality guaranteed.

1. This lamp holder show


17YS-D-LED004 IP65
Lamp shape(L/W/H)Power(W)MaterialPath widthPole heightPole distanceGround illumination(LUX )
680/300/16030/40/50/60All aluminum7m-llm5m/6m/7m15m-20mMax26 Average17
810/320/21070/80/100All aluminum12m-20m7m/8m/9m20m-30mMax30 Average20
930/370/230100/120/150All aluminum20m-30m10m/llm/12m30m-40mMax40 Average30

2. Polycrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic panels make photoelectric conversion high efficient and fast charging


Solar cells: Polysilicon solar cells with high efficiency (17.5% or more) are packaged to ensure sufficient power generation of solar panels.

Glass: Low iron toughened suede GLASS (also known as white GLASS), with a thickness of 3.2mm and a transmittance of over 95%, has a high reflectivity for infrared light greater than 1200NM, and can withstand the radiation of ultraviolet light from the sun without decreasing the transmittance.

Rubber film EVA: The high-quality EVA film with a thickness of 0.78mm added with anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-gasification agent and curing agent is used as the sealant of solar cells and the connecting agent between glass and TPT, with high light transmittance and anti-aging ability.

Back glue TPT: The back of the solar cell is covered with fluoroplastic film, which is white and reflects sunlight. Therefore, the efficiency of

the component is slightly improved, and because of its high infrared emissivity, it can also reduce the working temperature of the component, which is also conducive to improving the efficiency of the component.Of course, the fluorine plastic film as solar cell packaging materials required by the aging, corrosion resistance, airtight and other basic requirements at first.

Frame: The aluminum FRAME has high strength and strong mechanical impact resistance.

PowerOptimum working voltageOptimum working currentShort circuit current(A)Open circuit voltageComponent size (mm)Weight (Kg)Operating temperature (℃)



3. Featured digital constant current controller / intelligent energy saving, high conversion rate and multi-time lighting control


Digital constant current controller features:

1. Full temperature-40-50℃, full power range, high precision, high efficiency and low power

2. Through the ultimate endurance test, to ensure reliability in extreme environments

3. Six hours programmable load power control

4. Intelligent battery charge and discharge management, intelligent energy-saving control

5. Temperature protection / photovoltaic cell polarity protection / overload protection / overcharge and overdischarge protection / battery polarity protection / sensor fault protection

6. Expandable infrared human body induction, voice-controlled microwave sensing. Remote communication control function.

PowerCharging methodApplicable methodDischarge methodThe output voltageMaximum output / Charging currentOperating temperature
120V/40WpwmLead acid colloidBoost constant current

12V system: 17V-59V

24V system: 33V-60V

2. 0A/10A-35〜55

4. Built-in large-capacity gel battery / large-capacity power for long service life


Gel battery characteristics:

High and low temperature resistance: wide temperature range (lead acid: -25 ° C ~ 45 ° C; colloid: -25 ° C ~ 45 ° C), Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in various environments.

Long life: Nano-colloidal electrolyte, corrosion-resistant, no electrolyte layer, battery design life lead acid is greater than 12 years, colloid is greater than 15 years.

Charging efficiency: Low-resistance raw materials and advanced process design, small internal resistance, and strong low-current charging capability.

Recovery performance: It adopts flat-pole plate and special lead paste formula, low self-discharge rate and deep discharge, and has strong capacity recovery ability.

Green and environmental protection: The battery formula does not contain cadmium substances that are polluted by the environment and difficult to recycle. The colloidal electrolyte has no leakage, which truly guarantees the environmental protection and safety of the battery.

Comprehensive performance: Product design and quality control, R&D and production management follow high quality requirements.

NameAdapted powerRecharging currentDischarge parameterOperating temperature℃Overcharge protectionOver discharge protectionSize and weight
Lead-acid batteries (colloid)50AH5A50W/14HLead acid: -25℃~45℃
Colloid: -25℃~45℃

5. Built-in maintenance-free lithium battery / high capacity 1000 times or more cycle charge and discharge


1. Digital intelligent detection operation, detecting the charge and discharge ratio to ensure normal lighting in rainy days.

2. Intelligent charging. Using light effect control, strong light fast charge and slow charge, to ensure efficient use of light energy.

3. Intelligent detection of matching light sources to effectively improve load efficiency.

4. Real-time reading of working status and writing working parameters on site.

5. Automatically detect overcharge and over discharge control and activate.

6. Relative to the battery, the lithium battery can be densely packed and has a high storage energy density. It has reached 460-600WH/KG, which is about 6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries.

7. Batteries with lithium ferrous phosphate as the positive charge and discharge through ICDOD. There are records that can be used 1000 times.

8. Self-discharge rate is low, no memory effect.

NameLoad powerLoad performanceAdapter PV moduleAdapter batterySize (MM)Time
Lithium battery machine30W10 string 3 and 90mA60V20WH550*109*5430W6h  20W10h

6. Led solar street light equipment

The company has first-class LED series production equipment and testing equipment

LED solar energy production, testing, assembly workshop intelligent production line, testing equipment

Hengye LED production workshop has intelligent production automatic assembly line, all kinds of testing equipment. LED high-power placement machine, beading machine, CNC reflow soldering machine ensure high standard, high speed and high quality of LED intelligent production; which can ensure the normal operation of the lamp in a wide range of voltage levels; The detection system can quickly detect the light source parameters and issue the test report.


Large stock and Capacity guarantee

7. Standard parameters of street light:


The city light system consists of lamp pole, flange,lamp arm, lamp head and embedded parts.

Solar street light system consists of lamp pole, flange, lamp arm, lamp head, embedded parts, solar support, solar panel, battery and controller.


HeightUpper caliberLower caliberWall thicknessWeightLight arm lengthOpening heightOpening sizeChassisAnchor boltHole spacingLED light source
5000601352.754285030075*120250*250*9.5M16*550*4Diagonal 26020-40W
6000601352.754985030075*120250*250*9.5M16*550*4Diagonal 26030-50W
7000601352.755485030075*120250*250*9.5M16*550*4Diagonal 26030-60W
8000601653.0811000300115*235280*280*11.75M18*750*4Diagonal 28050-100W
9000701753.51161200300115*235350*350*14M18*750*4Diagonal 35050-100W
10000701753.51271200300115*235350*350*14M18*750*4Diagonal 35080-120W
11000722133.751771500500115*235400*400*18M24*1000*4Parallel 30080-120W
12000722133.751921500500115*235400*400*18M24*1000*4Parallel 30080-120W


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